Introducing Hellu sweater jackets


Our Hellu sweatshirt is a top-quality sweatshirt for many occasions! Hellu's model, on the other hand, is already familiar from our hoodies and well-proven. These sweatshirts are also made responsibly in Finland! Our tracksuit fabric is our own production and feels just as thick and soft as traditional tracksuit fabrics. The wrong side is softly brushed and feels nice on the skin. The surface of the fabric is very smooth and has a beautiful matte sheen.

Of course, the Hellu sweatshirt also works as an inner garment, but it is especially nice as an outer jacket. Hellu's design is quite tight and thick sweatshirts often don't fit under it. Hellu is at its best when you wear, for example, a sleeveless shirt underneath. The tracksuit fabric feels warm and, thanks to its dense, smooth surface, keeps even a little wind.

Hellu sweaters

At the moment, we have sweatshirts in three great patterns in our selection: Secret paradise in the color black (on the left in the picture), Serenity in the color heliotrope and Universum in the color Midnight black.

The Hellu sweatshirt has a high collar and a hood that is lined with black elasticated sweatshirt. As a detail, the jacket has a zipper with a ring pull, the color of which matches the cord of the hood. In all sizes, the zipper extends from the hem to the top of the collar. The sleeve cuffs are long and, if necessary, they can also be wrapped twice if they feel too long.

Hellu sweatshirt

We haven't forgotten the lovers of black monochrome clothes either! Hellu sweatshirts are also available in black and black with our favorite character Kettunen printed on the left front.

Our black tracksuit fabric is through-dyed, which means that the wrong side is also black. The wrong side of the Kuosins is white. The tracksuit fabric is polyester, so it does not shrink in the wash.

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Tracksuit fabric withstands washing excellently!

Tracksuit fabric withstands washing excellently! However, we do not recommend washing it for nothing, but if your jacket needs washing, it can be washed in the machine according to the washing instructions. There is also a dryer version in the test picture above, but it is not recommended for fabric tumble dryer. Dry your tracksuit preferably by hanging it on a hanger or in the traditional way on a clothes rack.

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