Introducing the long Hellu hoodie


Our Hellu hoodie is the garment many wish for: a tunic-sized hooded jacket with a zipper. Made in Finland, these are not often found!

Hellu got its name years ago, when it was seen in our selection even before our current brand! We didn't want to find a zippered, tunic-sized hoodie made in Finland anywhere, and we decided to make one. This model has been a favorite of many of our customers since the beginning. In the spring of 2020, Hellu returned to our selection even more popular.

Cute hoodie

Hellu's design is quite straight and the length is about the length of a tunic. Hellu is made of stretch denim and it is comfortable to wear thanks to its flexible material. The sleeves and hem have long elastics that give shape and posture to the hoodie. The sleeve cuffs can also be turned twice if they seem too long. Of course, this hoodie also has pockets where restless hands like your phone or keys go - or whatever treasures you carry in your pocket!

Cute hoodie

The Hellu hoodie has many fun details. The zipper and the hood's wide cord are always the same color, mostly black. In addition to our logo, you can also find the Cirkus panda on the round pull of the zipper. There is also a faux leather badge attached to the left pocket, with a circus panda or cat as a variable character.

At the moment, our selection includes lovely patterns as well as monochrome black Hellu. The specialty is a black hoodie with our favorite character Kettunen printed on it!

Check out Hellu hoodies in our online store here . During May 2022, the Hellu hoodie is also our favorite product of the month and you get a 15% discount on it. In this way, you can more easily familiarize yourself with a new model or choose a new pattern from a familiar model.