Summer 2022 is here!


Our collection of summer clothes is here again! There are old familiar used models with new patterns. As usual, in summer you can choose between short sleeves, sleeveless and long hems. However, all the clothes can be easily combined to suit other seasons: you can pull on a cardigan over a short-sleeved or sleeveless dress, and under a long-sleeved skirt you can wear thick tights or leggings when the weather cools down. So we still don't make clothes for one season, but we encourage you to wear the same clothes as much as possible throughout the year.
Amalia dress

Our recent favorite dress Amalia has made a comeback for the summer with short sleeves. The Amalia dress has the same top as our popular Bertta tunic! The hem is dress length and has a beautiful pleated frill. The dress has an O-neckline and fun patch pockets so that your most important treasures are always close at hand. Especially with short sleeves, Amalia's look is light and it is suitable for many body types.

There are two patterns to choose from: the softer Winter garden in the color mauve and the more lively Mansikkakeikaus in the color vibrant yellow.

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Elina dress

The Elina dress is another favorite dress that can be found in our selection every summer. Elina is the easiest summer garment: slip it on and off you go! Elina can be easily combined with sneakers, high heels and sandals. The design of this sleeveless dress is tighter at the top and looser at the hem. The dress has a wider, O-shaped neckline. Please note that unlike our other dresses, this dress has no pockets. The armholes and neckline are finished with tricot, which means that the dress does not have thick elastics that bother you.

There are four patterns in Elina this summer: the super popular Serenity in the color heliotrope, the fresh Orange in the color Fandango pink, the colorful Together and one addition to the POMENIA series, Field of butterfly flowers in the color greens.

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Onerva skirt

The Onerva skirt has delighted you and us for several summers already! This skirt has a long bell hem and of course pockets. With the Onerva skirt, you'll spend the most wonderful summer days, but with thick tights or leggings, it will continue your journey even after autumn comes. The jersey skirt is comfortable to wear and can be combined with many types of tops. Take a look at our selection, for example Pipsa shirt or Iita t-shirt!

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Iita t-shirt

The Iita t-shirt is a comfortable and relaxed t-shirt. It is a t-shirt made of tricot with an O-neck. The sleeves are short and the hem is straight. You can combine it with, for example, the Onerva skirt or Helena trousers. Even your favorite shorts get a nice pair for the summer.

Iito is available this summer in the new Mansikkakeikaus pattern in the color vibrant yellow and in the beautiful Winter garden pattern in the color soot. In addition to them, we have prepared a new batch of last summer's favorite, the fresh track! A black monochrome Iita is also available.

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The summer specialty in our leggings section is capri leggings. The model is exactly the same as our long leggings, only the leg length is different. This summer, patterned capris with POMENIA Blossom patterns are also available for the first time. In addition to them, there are also fun striped capris and, of course, black plain capris.

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This summer too, there is plenty of color and a good mood! If you want to see all new clothes at once, click here .