Media release: Dream Circus' baby pants from Varkaus continue to be included in the maternity package

Baby pants from Dream Circus from Varka continue to be included in the maternity package

Dream Circus Oy from Varkaute returned the clothes sewn in Finland to the maternity package in 2022. Getting your own product in the maternity package is a huge deal. Even bigger is that you get continuity for the first order. Dream Circus has received a new order from Kela for the 2023 maternity package, and the familiar Rento pants from the previous year's package will continue to be manufactured in Varkaus.

Despite the challenges caused by the corona years and the war, the company from Varkauta has been extremely successful in its first maternity package order. All products have been delivered on time and there have been only 3 complaints so far out of 64,000 pants. In addition to these pants, Dream Circus has also produced products for its other customers and for its own online store. These deliveries have also remained on schedule alongside the large order.

The new order means continuity and financial security for Dream Circus' operations. For the 2023 package, the same Ribbed Relaxed pants as for the previous package were selected as the product. The color of the pants is mole gray this time. Dream Circus is making one pair of pants for the new packaging.

The maternity package tender is governed by the Law on Public Procurement. Bidders must be treated equally and without discrimination. Kela cannot favor products based on, for example, their country of manufacture or the home country of the supplier.

Nowadays, Kela emphasizes quality and responsibility more than price in tenders. All ehta by Dream Circus clothes are designed, planned and sewn in Finland. The products are made from organic fabrics produced in Europe and the products have the Key Flag. Quality is also indicated by the exceptionally low return rate for a clothing store in the online store: less than 5%.

Dream Circus Oy

A company in Pohjois-Savo, Varkaus, that manufactures clothes and fabrics from its own organic fabric under the ehta by Dream Circus brand. The main product group is women's clothing. The company was founded in 2018 and its predecessor was Kati K. Design in 2014. The company employs 16 women. The brand is registered in Finland, Europe, the United States, Japan and Canada.

The company's values are joy of life, ethics, ecology, locality, domesticity and Finnish work.

All the company's products are designed and manufactured in Finland. The selection includes clothes, fabrics and interior textiles. Products can be purchased from the online store, the factory store, from retailers in Finland, and fabrics can also be purchased from abroad. The company invests in responsibility and carbon footprint calculation, and constantly develops new products and new services that facilitate digital reconciliation in order to reduce unnecessary online shopping returns. In addition to issues related to digitalization, we invest in the machines and equipment required by the traditional industrial operating environment, the work environment and safety, and the well-being of employees.

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