Circus news in February 2023

Hello, just from Varkaus!

The year 2023 has started in a hurry and towards spring we are going so fast that we can't keep up. A lot of all kinds of things have happened to us lately, and we thought we'd write an honest overview of where we're headed here. The last few years have mostly been exceptional times of all kinds and this has affected our business operations a lot.

End of year 2022 – Liquidation sale

In November 2022, we had to start the Survival Sale campaign. After the corona years, the time had to come when we can return to normal and we can develop our operations forward according to our plans. However, the start of the war in Ukraine caused quite a chain reaction, as a result of which e.g. the prices of our fabrics rose sharply and at the same time purchasing power began to weaken as other expenses also rose here in Finland.

During the clearance sale, we sold our existing inventory at a bigger discount to cover our expenses. You accepted our Survival Sale incredibly wonderfully and we are still grateful for that! With that help, we survived the end of the year and were able to continue our business. So our survival sale helped us financially in November and December.

Included in the maternity package

Included in the maternity package again

2022 was the first year when our Rento pants sewn in Finland were available in a maternity package. In 2023, there will be trousers again, which have been lovingly sewn in Varkaus. Especially that first order from KELA was significant for us, because at the time of receiving the contract, its value was approx. 2/3 of the turnover at that time (2 different pants). For the year 2023, we received an order for one pair of pants, and the share of this order represents approx. 20% of our turnover this year. The order is therefore important to us, but alone is not enough to run our entire operation.

The results of the customer survey

As usual, we asked you to answer our customer survey at the beginning of the year. We received a record number of responses: more than 1,400 - thank you! We received a large amount of good data, which, on the one hand, told us that we were still in the right direction and, on the other hand, gave us many good tips on how we can develop our operations even better to suit our customers. We will make our own posts about the customer survey later, but we would like to highlight two important points here.

First of all, the school grade you gave us as a company was once again a 9, i.e. commendable. We couldn't even hope for better than this! No company is perfect and can always improve, so we know we are on the right track in what we do.

Then secondly, 67% of you told us that inflation or some other reason will affect their buying behavior this year. Unfortunately, we have already noticed this during the beginning of the year. However, as usual, we are publishing spring novelties again this year and we hope that you will find your new favorite clothes in them this time as well.

New in the selection


Due to several reasons, we also found ourselves in a situation where we are once again moving our lodge to a new address. Hopefully for a longer time this time! So our circus gang gathers its things and moves to Varkaus Kauppakatu 1.3. from That's why we have a moving sale here in the online store and on 27.2. until you get a -15% discount on normally priced products with the code: miutto (enter in the coupon field in the shopping cart).

With the move, we will open a new, wonderful factory store in the Kauppakatu premises on March 1. from We will publish more detailed schedules our factory store closer to the opening.

New in the selection

In addition to the maternity package and the sale of products through our online store, we have also started producing clothes for companies and associations with our own prints. So if you are interested in ordering, for example, high-quality clothes made in Finland with your own logo for your own company, check out our gallery here !

We have also taken custom clothes back into our selection. You can choose the model and pattern you want or, for example, the print you want for your garment. The pattern and image selection will be updated regularly in the future. These products can be ordered for +20 € here .

So a lot has happened again in a short time. We hope that you will still go along with our journey and get to know the spring novelties again when they arrive in our selection. As usual, you can also submit your wishes to us (through our customer survey we already received a lot of them and we will study them carefully for the continuation!) and we always write them all down. Unfortunately, we can't fulfill everything, but we take down the wishes and explore what we can. For example, many of our older patterns have been requested back and we already have plans for these, so stay tuned!

Thank you for being our customer - we are here for you and this is what we do ♥