Cirkusen Survival sale starts on 9 November 2022

You can find all of Selviytymismyyin's products in our online store here .

Survival sale

Hello everyone, we've been able to tell you some news here over the years. Better and worse. This time, unfortunately, we have to tell the worse ones. We have always been honest about our company's situations and we intend to be so now. We all know what kind of turmoil our world has been in during the last few years and what kind of effects both the pandemic and the war situation have had everywhere. So do we.

We worked our way through the early stages of the pandemic and momentarily the popularity of products made in Finland only grew. The support we received from you back then was absolutely priceless, thank you! However, as the situation dragged on, everything started to change, and this year's war situation has only made things worse. There has been an impact on both material costs and sales.

Sewing clothes in Finland has been the most important choice we have made since the beginning of our operation. It is by no means the cheapest option, and together with our ethically produced fabrics, the price of our products is already more for us than in cheap clothing stores for the customer. We have often opened our pricing openly and our prices do not have that mysterious "air" from which you could give a lot of discounts.

This year, the price of fabrics has increased enormously. In total, there has been a 40% increase in material costs. This is really a lot. We have not been able to transfer these increases directly to the sell-out price of the products, because then the already reduced sales would have stopped completely. However, an increase in the purchase prices of fabrics is expected again during the rest of the year and by a lot - who knows where this will level off.

We understand that many people are now worried about the increased costs in their own lives - we are also ordinary people and we think about the same things. We are also thinking about the continuity of our own company, and our sincere hope is that we will continue to sew these clothes here in Finland and employ local people. However, despite all the adjustment measures we have taken, this will not be possible if our sales continue to decrease at the rate they have now, especially in the latter half of the year.

That's why we are now starting a Circus Survival Sale in our online store. We have a lot of stuff in our warehouse and we need to get them sold now so that our operations can still continue as they are. The survival sale products are therefore -30-40% on offer as long as stocks last. During that time, there are also some products in the selection that will continue to have a -10% offer until the end of 2022. Of course, we also have permanent normal-priced products in our selection, and when you buy them, we always get the full price for our work.

The most bargain-priced products can be found in clothes and domestic cotton knitwear in the fabric department. Saimaa enamel dishes are also part of the offer. Discounted fabrics are also available in the outlet.

We have always wanted to interact with our customers and we will continue to do so in the future! There will be e.g. developments in the possibilities of purchasing 2nd hand products and other new things. We will tell you more about these as soon as possible. However, this is our open request - if you can help us by placing an order today, we would greatly appreciate it! We will also be grateful if you tell your friends about us on any channel ❤️ However, mere visibility will not save us, we need those purchases right now.

Although we are now selling these products at discounted prices, we want to be honest: a price increase is coming in January 2023. We hope you understand this as well. We wouldn't put these products on sale even today, unless we absolutely had to.

This is the hardest text we've ever written but we hope it reaches you. We have been doing this for you since the beginning and we would like to continue to do so.


Kati and Laura
Founders of Dream Circus

As well as the rest of the Circus Gang

You can find all of Selviytymismyyin's products in our online store here .