Release: Dream Circus Oy received the Provincial Entrepreneur Award 2021


Dream Circus Oy from Varkaute received the 2021 Provincial Entrepreneur Award, awarded by the trustees of Savon Yrittäjie, at the provincial entrepreneur celebration organized in Vieremä on April 23, 2022.

Dream Circus from Varca, which designs and manufactures clothes under the Ehta by Dream Circus brand, has grown rapidly in recent years. However, the provincial Entrepreneur Award surprised the owners. When Kati Kraemer spent her time sewing colorful bags and purses for her friends in the corner of the fireplace room, she had no idea that it was the beginning of a whole e hta by Dream Circus brand. The values ​​of the circus are joy of life, ethics, ecology, domesticity and locality. They are reflected in everything that Cirkusjengi does.

From the beginning, Kati Kraemer has been able to believe in the demand for her bubbly, cheerful and unique style. Although there have been difficulties along the way, we have not given up. It has been dared to give up what has been created in order to create something new. One has trusted one's own feeling, taking financial realities into account. Dream Circus Oy is boldly itself, has preserved its own corporate identity and authenticity, but also dares to make changes when necessary. Believing in your dreams and working towards them is worth it, even if financial success is still a long way off. Dream Circus Oy shows with its activities that even domestic textile production can be competitive and that not all manufacturing has been lost to the Far East or India. Domestic manufacturing is important not only in terms of traditions, the preservation of know-how, the training of future professionals, but also national pride.

The clothes of the good-natured circus performer are known for their personal and colorful patterns and inventive cuts. The Dream Circus gang is bursting with ideas, and the ceiling is high. The products of the Ehta by Dream Circus brand are becoming a lifestyle, which is also gaining international traction. Conditional values ​​still accompany the growth path. One of them is that the brand's clothes are always designed and sewn in Finland.

Dream Circus Oy was born in an atypical industry in Varkaute. The year 2018 was very bad in the clothing manufacturing and manufacturing industry in Finland. The founders Kati Kraemer and Laura Kemppainen continued to believe in their own unique company and their selection and purposefully increased sales in a modern way through the online store. At the end of 2019, more Tomer women became partners in the company and the growth accelerated even more.

Despite the corona, 2020 and 2021 were years of growth and development for the company. The year 2022 started fast with the largest order in the company's history. The company received a giant order for 64,000 pairs of baby pants for this year's maternity pack, and with the order, production increased sevenfold. The product selection is constantly being developed and diversified by listening to customers. The existing online store will be expanded to better serve international customers as well. A Japanese-language own online store will be opened to serve Japanese consumer customers. As for Japan, the cooperation gained through the Keys to Japan competition win in market mapping and searching for suitable distribution channels will also continue. The Amazon online store will open on the US market during the spring.

In addition, the company invests in responsibility and carbon footprint calculation, and develops new services that facilitate digital reconciliation in order to reduce unnecessary online shopping returns. In addition to issues related to digitalization, we invest in the machines and equipment required by the traditional industrial operating environment, the work environment and safety, and the well-being of employees.

Dream Circus Oy

A company in Pohjois-Savo, Varkaus, that manufactures clothes and fabrics from its own organic fabric under the ehta by Dream Circus brand. The main product group is women's clothing. The company was founded in 2018 and its predecessor was Kati K. Design in 2014. The company employs 15 women.

All the company's products are designed and manufactured in Finland. The selection includes clothes, fabrics and interior textiles. Products can be purchased from the online store, the factory store, from retailers in Finland, and fabrics can also be purchased from abroad.

The company's values ​​are joy of life, ethics, ecology, locality, domesticity and Finnish work. The brand is registered in Finland, Europe, the United States and Japan. The goal in 2022 is strong internationalization and a turnover of over 1.2 million euros.

Awards and badges:

2014 Kati K. Design founded

2015 first employee, Laura Kemppainen

2016 Provincial sole entrepreneur of the year, Kati Kraemer (Kati K. Design)

2018 Dream Circus Oy was born, Vainlippu, Design from Finland and DO Saimaa brands

2019 EU IPO brand ehta by Dream Circus

2019 directed share issue and new experts in the house

2020 cooperation agreement with Halonen Oy

2020 New Business of the Year, Wäläkky Keski-Savo Uusyrityskeskus ry, Dream Circus Oy

2020 Entrepreneur of the Year 2020, Kuopio Handicrafts and Tehdasseuruus ry, Dream Circus Oy

2021 trademark ehta by Dream Circus registered in USA

2021 Keys to Japan competition win

2021 contract maternity package 2022 secured

2022 trademark ehta by Dream Circus registered in Japan

2022 Amazon USA and Japanese online store open

2022 Provincial entrepreneur award

More information: CEO Petra Ryymin, , 045 168 1030

Photos: Chairman of the Board Laura Kemppainen,

Logo, images and other visual material from Dropbox here.