Responsibility theme: Transparency, authenticity and honesty (responsible supply chain)

Responsibility theme: Transparency, authenticity and honesty (responsible supply chain)

Our second theme of responsibility is related to our supply chain. We want to communicate all our activities as transparently as possible, and this also applies to our supply chain. We work with responsible partners and invest in long-term collaborative relationships. Our goal is to have a transparent supply chain from start to finish and that the materials we use can be traced back to the source of production.

Our Code of Conduct or ethical guidelines guides our activities in everything we do. Our partners who sign our Code of Conduct assure e.g. that…
… the laws of the land are followed
... written employment contracts are concluded with all employees
... employees are treated equally regardless of gender, age, religious belief, ethnic origin, nationality, sexual orientation or any other factor
... no employee is under the age of 15 and no child labor is used in any of the tasks and that the regulations regarding young (under 18) employees are in accordance with the law
... the operation also complies with environmental legislation, e.g. with regard to waste water, and that all material resources are used in such a way that no waste is created for nothing
... if animals are involved in the production, they are treated well and in accordance with animal legislation
You can read more about our Code of Conduct from our responsibility report .

We have known our partners from Finland and other parts of the world for several years. There is strong trust between us and we require all our partners to commit to our ethical principles. Our partners always sign our Code of Conduct.

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In addition to Finland, an important country in our manufacturing chain is Poland, where our fabrics are manufactured and printed. In Amfori BSCI's risk classification, Poland is classified as a low-risk country. There is therefore no significant risk of social responsibility in Poland, which would cause, for example, poor treatment of employees or the absence of legislation regarding the right to organize or working life. As an EU country, Poland complies with EU legislation, which also includes strict environmental legislation. The GOTS certificate in the factories we use guarantees that the fabric production chain meets the minimum ILO criteria and that child labor is prohibited. We feel safe in the fact that in our neighboring country, Poland, the production of our fabrics takes place responsibly, taking into account the well-being of both employees and the environment.

Read more in the report about how ordering fabrics from our factories goes!


Amphora BSCI is a global initiative whose goal is to improve working conditions in international operational chains. Amfori BSCI a countries' social responsibility risk by taking into account e.g. citizens' opportunities for influence, political stability, administration efficiency, level of legislation and corruption.

JOY is an international labor organization that creates international labor conventions and supervises and supports its member countries in complying with the agreements. Minimum criteria, e.g. right to organize, salary, employment contract, occupational safety.

We previously published our 2021 sustainability report , which was the first of its kind. As a result, five themes of responsibility were also born, which we focus on especially closely in our work. We will present these themes one by one in our blog during the end of 2022 in the order according to the value chain.