UN sustainable development goals

UN sustainable development goals

UN sustainable development goals

We are also committed to supporting the UN's sustainable development goals. The UN's sustainable development goals are included in the UN's sustainable development goal program, Agenda 2030. We believe that the actions of even a small company are important in the common journey towards a more sustainable world, where the environment, economy and people are taken into account equally.

We have chosen four of the 17 sustainable development goals that we particularly want to promote with our activities.

Decent work and economic growth

This UN sustainable development goal promotes sustainable economic growth, which requires societies to be able to provide quality jobs without harming the environment. One of the central sub-goals is the elimination of child labor and forced labour. The textile industry has a bad reputation in this matter for a reason, but we at Dream Circus have wanted to act differently from the beginning. We want to prove that the textile industry can be more than that: domestic sewing work and reliable procurement locations located as close as possible.

Sustainable industry, innovations and infrastructures

The goal includes e.g. improving the position of small companies in the market and developing sustainable production processes. It is important to us that all ehta by Dream Circus clothes are now and will continue to be sewn in Finland, most of them in our own factory. We operate in a small factory town in Varkaus, which has suffered from industrial restructuring. For our part, we want to be building a new textile industry in Finland. We want to show that it is also profitable to maintain and develop the textile industry in Finland. At the same time, we strive to ensure that our operations burden the environment as little as possible.

Responsible consumption

This UN goal strives for economic activity to produce as much well-being as possible while reducing the use of natural resources and pollution. Responsible and sustainable consumption is at the core of Dream Circus' values. Our products are durable and timeless, and we don't want to make fast fashion. We use organic cotton and other ecological materials. There is absolutely no unused waste material from our production. We instruct our customers to take care of their clothes and wear them as long as possible.

Climate acts

Actions to curb climate change are urgent, and we don't want to be idle either. We are involved in the Carbon Neutral Textile Industry 2035 commitment and strive to reduce the carbon footprint of both our own operations and our value chain.