Dream Circus joins the Carbon neutral textile industry 2035 commitment


We have joined the Carbon neutral textile industry 2035 commitment, the goal of which is a carbon neutral textile industry in Finland.

With the commitment, we get to use a carbon footprint calculator, which allows us to more accurately calculate the carbon footprint of our products. It meets the requirements set by the standard for calculating the carbon footprint of organizations according to the international Greenhouse Gas protocol. In addition, we receive training and advice that helps us develop our business operations.

In addition to the development of its own operations, the company entering into the commitment also undertakes to promote low-emission operations in global value chains. We also receive training and sparring for this.

We want to be involved in new openings and that is why we are also involved in the Carbon neutral textile industry 2035 commitment. We have already started the work earlier and now we are getting even better tools to be an even more responsible company.

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