Do you want to sew with our fabrics?

Do you want to sew with our fabrics?

Do you want to be our business customer? Corporate customership is possible for small entrepreneurs (e.g. custom tailors) who want to make their products from our fabrics for sale and buy more fabrics at once. You can therefore make products for sale from our patterns (does not apply to Pomenia fabrics, which are licensed fabrics), as long as the models do not imitate our products and are not sewn using our patterns. We monitor sales and hope that you will order more at once. We will delete accounts that have repeatedly ordered small quantities at a discount. Send your application using the attached form, after which we will check your y ID and create IDs for you in the store. After this, you can shop at entrepreneur prices. As a business customer, you get a -25% discount on all normally priced fabrics and sewing supplies. You will see the discount prices after your first login at the product level (i.e. the product listing shows the normal prices, but after opening the product you will see the discount price). Outlet products are at consumer prices for business customers as well. Write in the message field that you are applying to be a business customer and tell us a little about your activity (especially if your y-ID is registered for an industry other than sewing).

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Dream Circus

Your order will be sent from us within 1-2 business days of placing the order.


Delivery from €5.90 as a package to Finland. Over €150 we deliver for free.

Payment methods

We use a reliable Finnish service to transfer payments.


All ehta by Dream Circus clothes are always designed, cut, sewn and finished in Finland.