Sewn in Finland

Sewn in Finland

Domestic manufacturing is important to us and it has been clear from the beginning that all ehta by Dream Circus clothes are always designed, cut, sewn and finished in Finland. That's why we want to keep the sewing work here in the future and develop our own sewing shop to be as modern as possible. We also want to maintain and promote the Finnish clothing industry. In addition to seamstresses, we also employ Finnish designers. We also offer our personnel comprehensive personnel benefits, which we will continue to develop in the future.

All our clothes are sewn either in our own sewing shop in Varkaus or at our subcontractors in Kuopio and Kitee. In 2022, the pants included in the maternity package were also sewn in Ilmajoki.

Our goal is also for our own sewing factory to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce energy consumption and the amount of waste generated. We have joined the Carbon-neutral textile industry 2035 commitment, calculated our carbon footprint and have already taken measures to reduce energy consumption and waste. We are e.g. changed the sewing room and warehouse lighting to LED lights. In addition to mixed waste, we also recycle plastic, cardboard, paper and bio-waste. We also do not individually package our products and have replaced plastic packaging bags with packaging bags made from recycled materials. The new bag also takes into account possible customer returns: the same bag can be used twice thanks to the second closing label. We and our Finnish products have been awarded the Key Label, Design from Finland and DO Saimaa labels.
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Delivery from €5.90 as a package to Finland. Over €150 we deliver for free.

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We use a reliable Finnish service to transfer payments.


All ehta by Dream Circus clothes are always designed, cut, sewn and finished in Finland.