From star to important

From star to important

Materials are our biggest source of emissions and therefore also far too valuable to throw away. Not a single piece goes to waste from us! Our goal is that our sewing factory does not produce a single gram of textile waste, but that all surplus can be used either in our own production or in the production of our partners. In order to avoid waste, we also keep the manufacturing batches of a reasonable size, so that we don't have to sell ALE-priced products as disposal batches for nothing. We make our own TÄHDE product series from surplus materials, all of which are made from our scraps. These products include, for example, headbands, hair donuts and dish towels.

Our goal is that our sewing produces no textile waste at all, but that all the surplus can be used either in our own production or that of our partners. We are also actively looking for new partners who are interested in our surplus materials. We previously tested the possibility of making new fiber from waste material, but the problem was the size of our company: it was not financially possible for us to further process the fiber into yarn and new material again. That's why we currently deliver the smallest shred, which can no longer be used in sewing, to be burned as energy. We are still investigating the possibility of using the fiber as a new material in the future or using the surplus fabric in other ways.
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Delivery from €5.90 as a package to Finland. Over €150 we deliver for free.

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All ehta by Dream Circus clothes are always designed, cut, sewn and finished in Finland.