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MILJA dress, old rose

109,00  89,00  incl. 24 % VAT

Milja is the perfect dress for hot days! It is made from lightweight cotton fabric and it has loose fit. It also has pockets which is always pretty important thing.

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    Material: 100% cotton woven.

    Pattern design: Dream Circus

    Made in Finland.

    Measurements (cm) from the dress. This fabric is not stretchy so please make sure that your measurements are not the same or bigger than measurements of the dress. For example if your chest is 115 cm your size is L/XL.

    Chest (cm)108128
    Waist (not tightened, cm)120144
    Hips (cm)130155
    Length, back (cm)100100
    Sleeve inseam (cm)2931
    Elastic band on sleeve (cm)2428
    Biceps (cm)4046

    Wash cold (30C), no tumble drying. Turn the garment inside out before washing.
    Ironing max 150C. Make sure the waist strings are on knot before washing.

    Shrinks 0-5% in first wash, usually not at all.

    Additional information

    Weight0.30 kg