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Home > Products > Outlet > Clothing > ONERVA skirt, long, Hummingbirds, soot-colorful

ONERVA skirt, long, Hummingbirds, soot-colorful

79,00  incl. 24 % VAT

Onerva is a perfect maxi skirt for warm summer days but it also goes well with leggings or tights when it’s colder. It also has pockets which is always pretty important for us!

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    Material: 95% cotton 5% elastane jersey fabric.

    Print design: Riina Haapakallio

    Pattern design: Dream Circus

    Made in Finland.

    Measurements (cm) from the skirt.

    Elastic band (withour stretching):
    S/M – 70 cm
    L/XL – 80 cm
    XXL – 90 cm

    Waist without elastic band:
    S/M – 91 cm
    L/XL – 100 cm
    XXL  – 112 cm

    Length of the skirt  is 96 cm in every size.

    Wash warm (40C), no tumble drying. Turn the garment inside out before washing.
    Ironing max 150C.

    Shrinks 0-5% in first wash, usually not at all.

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    Weight0.38 kg