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Dream Circus Oy vastuullisuus


Transparency is the central idea of our brand. We want to display our entire production process as clearly as possible. All our production phases take place as rationally and as close to Varkaus, Finland, as possible. This idea is the cornerstone of our business. We also minimise material waste in our production.

Our fabrics and clothes are invariably designed in Finland. We design our clothes and their patterns ourselves. In addition, we personally sew all proto series clothes for ourselves for practical use, which means that none of them go to waste.

We cooperate closely with our fabric designers. Our designs always focus on fabrics that are applicable and well-fitting. The clothing models are designed in a way which makes any single model suitable for use in summer and winter alike. We use a limited number of seasonal models and keep their production volumes on a reasonable level. There are variations in the world of fabrics but the basic clothing designs remain unaltered. This means that we are free from the constant need for new clothing patterns. Because there is no constant variation in models, the clothes’ dimensioning and measurements become easier to manage. Once you have tried a model on, you know that the same size will always fit you in future, and you can later freely choose a different fabric for the item in question.

Our fabrics are chiefly manufactured in Poland, and a minor portion in Finland, Denmark and Lithuania. Organic cotton is the main material in our fabrics. Most of cotton we use comes from Pakistan, the world’s fourth largest cotton producing country. Cotton is spun into yarns and then knitted or woven into fabrics at a factory where they are also dyed and printed. The factories we use have the Öko, Tex and GOTS certifications.

We have close personal contacts with our fabric production plants. We have known the factory contact persons for several years and have a strong mutual trust. This means that we know what is going on at our fabric production plants at any given time.

In addition to organic cotton, merino wool is occasionally used in our fabrics. The merino wool we use is mulesing-free.

Our clothes are invariable sewn in Finland: at our own production facilities in Varkaus, and at those of our subcontractors in Kuopio and Kitee. The working conditions of our dressmakers have been highly important for us from the very beginning of our business. This is the reason why we want to keep our sewing production in Finland. Consequently, we can always name the dressmaker in question and know that they do receive reasonable pay for their work.

Our clothes are particularly designed for everyday use. The washing temperature instruction for our clothes is 40 °C, which has to be followed.

It is not advisable to wash a garment after each and every use, unless there is a distinct trace of dirt or sweat in it. Local stain removal may also be sufficient as a cleaning method. It is a good idea to turn the garment inside out before washing, thus avoiding the unnecessary mechanical wear to the outer surface.

Properly maintained ehta by Dream Circus garments and fabrics are time-resistant. You can repeatedly use your favourite clothes from time to time – they are the clothes you really love.

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