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What is Dream Circus?

Owners from left: Ida Kuivalainen, Petra Ryymin, Laura Kemppainen, Kati Kraemer ja Katarina Pölkki

Dream Circus Ltd begun in the year 2018 from a dream of two sisters from Varkaus. Their dream was to make clothes in Varkaus from eco-textiles of their own production. ehta by Dream Circus trademark was born and it has already been nominated Designation of Origin Saimaa trademark as well as Key Flag and Design from Finland labels.

Our collection comprises clothes always manufactured from our own fabrics and always sewed in Finland. Our fabrics are manufactured in Europe at factories with Öko-Tex certification and always using organic cotton. The Öko-Tex certification means that our fabrics are free of harmful pesticides, heavy metails or formaldehyde residues. The factories we use always carry the GOTS certification aswell. Our patterns are always designed in Finland.

We stand for visions and dreams, believe in unicorns and fight against boredom. We want you to believe in your dreams and reach for them every day. Our products are fun and comfortable feel-good products. Every item has a name and behind the name there is a real story. Joy of life, locality, Finnish and ecological production are things we are not willing to give up on.

We are aware that our products will not save the world, but we are doing our best to help our customers to make reasonable choices and that the effects from our products to nature are as minimal as possible. We believe that everyone is allowed to dream and to reach for their dreams. As to that our mission is to enable reaching for dreams every day.

Join the Circus!

“Ehta” is genuine, original, unique and only. Like our products.