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Our crew

Our Circus is full of cool people! Meet our crew here.

Director of the Circus

We did not need much time for figuring the right name for Petra. She is the rabbit of our circus. This rabbit was hopping around the circus tent already when things were just beginning. Being curious and fast the rabbit sneaked into the tent and to the grandstand. From there she was observing for a while and then bravely jumped straight to the ring. Petra took a leading role in the circus so that the founder of the circus could concentrate on her passion – taking care of the artistic and creative side of the circus.

This rabbit is resilient, bravely future oriented and keeps numbers in her full control. And now she is also the Director of the Circus and one of the owners.

Petra is talented sparring partner and she has boosted over hundred companies to their full speed. To us she is an important shoulder, to who’s hops we are safely following. She has the ability to turn ideas into flames.

This Director has more energy than you are used to. There is a reason why she has registered her own ActionWoman-trademark. Though, for us she is better known as an action rabbit.

The toughness of the rabbit could be seen in an early age – being a single mum she worked and studied simultaneously.

Sometimes the rabbit settles down. The best place for this is cuddling next to her loved one in her home with a lake view. This place can be found in a small village called Airaksela in the eastern part of Finland.

Ringmistress of Dreams
Art Director

When we others leave work, Kati often stays behind just to enjoy the feeling that she gets by thinking on the journey that started from something little in a corner of a room. This journey has gone from a company started with a best friend and a soul and real-life sister, to a spacious factory and employing people.” Oh dear, we are already here!” she giggles.

Dream Circus Ltd. is Kati´s third child. She is relieved that this child is already walking, out of diapers and growing in a fast pace. 

Ringmistress of Dreams has plenty of ideas, she is a bit reckless and fired up and life has brought her enough certainty and sense on taking risks – or has it? Dreams and determined work towards them are the thing for Kati. She enjoys that she can nowadays concentrate on the artistic side the company. Other than being the founder of the company, all our clothes have been designed by Kati. She also designs patterns.

When the Ringmistress gets her hands on to a new fabric she is on it. She can create a prototype of a new piece of clothing in an instant or something completely different.

Ceremony Master of Dreams
Creative Director

Chairwoman of board

The day when Laura takes her best nature photograph is still yet to come. And probably this day will never come because there is always chance for even better picture.

When the Ceremony Master of Dreams gets interested in something, she concentrates on it completely. She learned to read at five years of age because no one had time to read enough to her. She got familiar with computers when she was three and made her first homepage when she was six. She is a wizard in social media and her creativity blossoms with marketing.

Persistent and calm Laura has two sides – nothing or all. This can be seen in her passion to work. In the past Laura switched her interior architecture and furniture design studies in to manufacturing of industrial textiles/dressmaking studies and from there it started. She is, along side with Kati, the other founder of the company and is also designing patters for us.

Co-operation is one of the strengths of Laura, but she is also able to say no. 

The challenge for the near future for Laura is drivers’ licence. She does not have it yet and has also no motivation on learning to drive. On the other hand, wildlife photography is her great passion, but for now she has to lift a ride to get closer to wildlife.

Warehouse Mole
Director of logistics and warehouse processes

Ida is our first employee, a multitalent that can learn and knows how everything works in practice. Today she is also one of the owners. Ida has a solution to everything. Without her nothing would not even get close to our warehouse, not to talk about our customers and retailers. Ida has an experience that could traumatize someone more sensitive. The old storage of Dream Circus was full of fabric bolts. There were simply too much of them. They started to run down, first slowly and then faster and at the end they fell like dominoes. On top of our poor Ida. The warehouse mole bravely digged her way up, opened her eyes, and said that there is a need more space.

That dream came true and now she has space around her. She had the chance to plan and build the storage shelves to our hall. Now it is certain that the bolts won’t run over anyone. Ida is also created our fair compartment.

At home this handy woodartisan renovates an old house. Spouse and two kids, dog, cat and ball python makes sure that all the spare time she has is used effectively.

Our storage mole is not completely free of fabrics running over her. Whenever we get our new design into our hands, we wrap Ida in it and take a picture. She also makes a great model.

Sales and customer service

Katarina is the zebra of the circus and she travels with the caravan wherever we go and set our tent. Katarina is the Colporter. This fun circus term means a travelling merchant who sells things in the circus, before, during and after the show.

Katarina has selling in her blood. She has sold almost everything in her life – except for cars. Now she is selling ehta by Dream Circus -items and owns a small part of the company.

” A zebra doesn´t change its stripes and I won´t give up on selling, I don´t even want to” Katarina says. You can meet her in our booth at fairs. When needed she packs her bag and heads of to our customers. Three times a week she takes a hold of the company telephone where all customer calls come to. 

It was the rabbit who introduced the zebra to the founders of the circus. They quickly found a common ground and now everybody is thinking how it was possible to manage without Katarina. Even though the zebra travels a lot, on Mondays you can always find her in her hometown attending a handicraft class. She has always had a hobby from handicrafts and today she even gets some student credits from the school. That shows how seriously she takes the hobby.

Pattern Llama

It was a historical moment when Noora the pattern llama started her sewing machine in March 2019. With Noora industrial sewing returned to our factory hall, which was formerly a Eiser, a Swedish factory producing tricot accessories and clothing and was shut down by a bankruptcy on year 1993 as a result of economic depression. 

Noora is a lovable, unprompted and brisk person, a quick sewer who also handles the whole process of laying-up the fabric and cutting. When joining us Noora could pick her character and after thinking for a moment llama won bunny.” I am usually friendly like a llama. But if you corner a llama, it will spit. If you do the same with me, you will hear about it.” She describes her choice.

The level of her commitment is so high that she will even give up on her gel nails if required. If not, she will continue her relaxing hobby on her spare time.

The llama is also sometimes wrapped in our clothes and photographed.

Circus Lion
Vice-chairman of board

Roar! Or maybe we just say a couple of times: gentle meow…  It is time to reveal the face of the lion, also known as the strongman, who has been working in the background of the circus for a long time already. His name is Jussi, he is the husband of Kati and the first male character of the circus.

Lion is the king of the jungle. Our lion has the voice of sense and order, he has excellent skills in math, logistic know-how for moving fabric bolts and clothes, and he knows how to settle down our wildest artistic visions. 

If you ask the lion himself, he will do anything that the circus characters ask him to do, whenever he has time from his day job, which is a teaching forestry.

Jussi the lion has the ability to lie in ambush in the calm of the savannah. When needed, he is on fire in seconds. It takes just one jump and he has attacked the prey (meaning work tasks).

Lions love to wander around savannah and look for food.  In our Jussi’s case this means wandering around in forest and bringing home what nature has to offer. This is one of Jussi’s favourite hobbies.

One of the things that combines Jussi and a lion is self-confidence. You can see it yourself from the amazing pictures in which he is modelling for our first men’s clothing line.