The secret of the 2021 calendar towel


Before buying a calendar towel for 2021, please note our small confession:
The towels and the 2021 pattern have already been planned for the spring of 2020. Our process goes roughly like this: Kati handles the communication with the designer (in this case with the lovely Riina Haapakallio) and Laura then takes over the files at the point when they go to the factory.
The yearbook is so important to us that the whole team has looked at it already in the planning phase and marveled at how great it is.
However, it can happen that at least 7 people miss one small typo... The towels arrived at the end of the summer and went to sewing. It wasn't until the entire batch of towels had been sewn that sharp-eyed Jenni from the online store's packaging noticed that there was a typo there too. Sorry, what?! And yes, the 2021 calendar towel will have the moon with one A. March.
At this point, it was not really possible to wipe the entire batch of towels off, and after scratching our heads for a while, we decided to sell the towel as normal. However, the towel comes with one extra letter A in the form of a postcard, so you can decide where you want to put it!