7 + 1 Christmas gift ideas from our online store


Still haven't got your Christmas presents? Don't worry, we have many nice ideas for packages this Christmas as well! Read our tips for Christmas 2021 gifts in this post. The packages will definitely arrive by Christmas if you place the order no later than Sunday 19.12. The gift card will arrive in time even on Christmas Eve!

1. Calendar towel 2022 - Year of Not Growing Up
Our favorite gift! The calendar towel is both a collector's item and a utility item.

2. DIY kitchen towels
Of course, someone who likes to sew also sews Christmas presents himself. These do-it-yourself kitchen towels make gifts quickly!

3. Ready-made kitchen towels
Our other kitchen towels are also perfect Christmas gifts. They also fit in a letter if you're looking for an affordable Christmas gift to mail!

4. Merino wool winter accessories
A warm, soft package is on many wish lists. Merino wool beanies and beanies knitted in Finland will keep the recipient warm throughout the winter.

5. Pomenia books
The favorite gift of a numerate child! If you are not yet familiar with the magical world of Pomenia, start with the first part of the trilogy , The Great Adventure of the Magical World . For those who know the story, there are also books that supplement the story and, of course, the newly published third part of the trilogy , The Hidden Secret of the Magic World .

6. Pomenia emotional adventure and fairytale yoga cards
A wonderful way to get to know the world of fairy yoga and emotions. Both children and adults enjoy working with these.

7. Pomenia board game
Board games often work for the whole family. You will definitely have fun with this game because there are actually two games on offer: an activating day game and a calming evening game. During the game, important magical powers are taught to everyone, such as emotional skills and calming skills without forgetting to play and move!

+ 1: Gift certificate
A gift idea for someone you can't choose for yourself. You can order the gift card directly to the recipient's email at the time you want. This way, when opening presents, you can advise the recipient to check their e-mail at least a little bit, although otherwise e-mails are not read at Christmas 😉