Washing tests of tracksuit fabrics


Bringing new materials into our own production is sometimes challenging. Sometimes you have to go through dozens and dozens of samples before you find a good one. Sometimes you can't find anything good - we don't accept mediocre options, even if the idea is good. Quality is important to us and we want to stand behind it.

Sweatpants was one such case that could not possibly have a good outcome. In the end it worked - we received samples that felt good and the rubbing tests were also promising. After the washing tests were completed, we were sold on this at the latest. Here is more information about it.

Our tracksuit fabric Washing instructions are 40 degrees, no tumble dryer, no bleach. The attached picture shows the following washing tests:
– Machine wash at 40 degrees
– 40 degree machine wash + tumble dryer
– Machine wash at 60 degrees
– Machine wash at 60 degrees + tumble dry
- as a comparison, new fabric, unwashed on both sides, cut from the pile

It goes without saying that we are really happy with this quality! The material is quite thick and it holds its shape well in the wash. The brushed wrong side flattens a little in the wash, but remains soft and feels thick. If there's something to be said, it's that the patches that have been in the dryer have lost their shine from the surface of the fabric. So little that without a comparison patch you wouldn't have noticed the difference at all, and even then by looking very closely.

This material also suffers from being washed! However, it is necessary to follow the washing instructions, because frequent improper washing and, for example, unnecessary drumming can damage the colors of the fabric. The washing instructions given by the factory for digitally printed fabrics are 40 degrees and no tumble dryer, and they don't allow complaints if the fabric has been washed incorrectly.

Here you can also see the pictures, which show separately what has happened in which wash: