Introducing autumn 2021 clothes


Fall 2021 is here! This fall, we have a little more different clothing models and a little less different patterns in our selection than usual. However, there is no lack of color and cheerfulness this autumn either, and everyone will find their own favorite color in our selection. Here you can see all the new autumn models at a glance.

Amalia dress

The Amalia dress has been the favorite garment of 2021! In honor of autumn, Amalia has also got 3/4 sleeves. You can find all Amalia dresses here

Berta tunic

The Bertta tunic is our oldest and most popular clothing model. Year after year, it continues its own path as a favorite of so many women. This autumn Bertta is cheerfully colorful! You can find all Bertta tunics here

Cute hoodie

The Hellu hoodie is a smart piece of clothing for autumn. Thanks to its long two-way zipper, it doesn't get in the way, for example, when driving a car or bike, the long sleeve cuffs and the hood bring softness and warmth. You can find all Hellu hoodies here

Iita collar

The Iita collar is a casual and loose basic garment that is easy to throw on on gray autumn mornings. You can find all Iita collars here

Iita Tee

Iita Tee is a popular and comfortable oversize tee. It can be combined with leggings as well as skinny jeans, and on cooler days it's easy to throw a cardigan over it. You can find all Iita Teas here


Leggings are an autumn must-have! They can be worn with tunics, dresses and hoodies and they brighten up any outfit. You can find all the leggings here.

Marjukka dress

Marjukka dress is like Bertta but longer. It also has clever big pockets hidden in the side seam. Nice model when you want a longer hem! You can find all Marjukas here

Casual tunic

The relaxed tunic is, as its name suggests, a relaxed oversize garment. A drawstring in the side seam gives you room for adjustment and you can change the model to suit your needs. You can find all the Rento tunics here

Tuija dress

The Tuija dress made a return to our selection this autumn. Tuija is a narrow model with large pockets and a comfortable tricot material. You can find all Tuijas here

All our clothes are always sewn in Finland! Most of these clothes are also made in our own sewing shop in Varkaus. Some of the models are manufactured by our subcontractors in Kuopio and Kitee. Our clothes have been awarded the Key flag and Design from Finland badges and the DO Saimaa mark of origin.