The most central idea of ​​our brand is transparency. We want to bring our entire production process and value chain to everyone. The cornerstone idea of ​​our operation is to make all production stages as close to Varkau as possible and reasonable. Responsibility is part of our normal operations and daily activities. We minimize the generation of waste material, reduce the carbon footprint of our operations and manufacture durable, high-quality and long-lasting clothes for our customers. We live out our responsibility themes every day.


We can influence the size of our emissions the most by choosing materials. Our goal is to choose materials for our products that burden the environment as little as possible. Currently, the main material of our clothing production is organic cotton. We use organic cotton whenever possible, and in 2021 the only cotton-elastane elastic we use is made using non-organic cotton. All these materials were manufactured in 2021 in Poland at two different factories. We want to continue to keep fabric production in Poland, because in Europe, for example, the use of chemicals is regulated by EU-level legislation.

We also compare the environmental effects of different materials and our goal is to use recycled materials that reduce our carbon footprint. We choose certified materials for our use, and the factories we use always have GOTS and Oeko-Tex certificates.

Read more on our blog: Quality – organic – up close (material choices) and our carbon footprint in 2021 .

Supply chain

We always want to communicate our activities as transparently as possible. Our goal is to have a transparent supply chain from start to finish so that materials can be traced back to the source of production. Our supplier relationships are long-term and our partners are reliable. They also sign our Code of Conduct, the content of which is detailed in our latest responsibility report (link at the beginning of this page). Our suppliers also commit to the principles of the ILO and the prohibition of child labor. We also always check the certificates of our suppliers.

With the exception of fabric manufacturing, all stages of our production are done in Finland. In addition to Finland, an important country in our manufacturing chain is Poland, where our fabrics are manufactured and printed. Poland is classified as a low-risk country in Amfori BSCI's risk classification. There is therefore no significant risk of social responsibility in Poland, which would cause, for example, poor treatment of employees or the absence of legislation regarding the right to organize or working life. As an EU country, Poland also complies with EU legislation, which also includes strict environmental legislation. Our goal is to be able to visit our factories in Poland as soon as possible, when traveling is again safe and possible in the current world situation.

Local production

Domestic manufacturing is important to us and it has been clear from the beginning that all ehta by Dream Circus clothes are always designed, cut, sewn and finished in Finland. That's why we want to keep the sewing work here in the future and develop our own sewing shop to be as modern as possible. We also want to maintain and promote the Finnish clothing industry. In addition to seamstresses, we also employ Finnish designers. We also offer our personnel comprehensive personnel benefits, which we will continue to develop in the future.

All our clothes are sewn either in our own sewing shop in Varkaus or at our subcontractors in Kuopio and Kitee. In 2022, the pants included in the maternity package were also sewn in Ilmajoki.

Our goal is also for our own sewing factory to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce energy consumption and the amount of waste generated. We have joined the Carbon-neutral textile industry 2035 commitment, calculated our carbon footprint and have already taken measures to reduce energy consumption and waste. We are e.g. changed the sewing room and warehouse lighting to LED lights. In addition to mixed waste, we also recycle plastic, cardboard, paper and bio-waste. We also do not individually package our products and have replaced plastic packaging bags with packaging bags made from recycled materials. The new bag also takes into account possible customer returns: the same bag can be used twice thanks to the second closing label. We and our Finnish products have been awarded the Key Label, Design from Finland and DO Saimaa labels.

Material efficiency

Materials are our biggest source of emissions and therefore also far too valuable to throw away. Not a single piece goes to waste from us! Our goal is that our sewing factory does not produce a single gram of textile waste, but that all surplus can be used either in our own production or in the production of our partners. In order to avoid waste, we also keep the manufacturing batches of a reasonable size, so that we don't have to sell ALE-priced products as disposal batches for nothing. We make our own TÄHDE product series from surplus materials, all of which are made from our scraps. These products include, for example, headbands, hair donuts and dish towels.

Our goal is that our sewing produces no textile waste at all, but that all the surplus can be used either in our own production or that of our partners. We are also actively looking for new partners who are interested in our surplus materials. We previously tested the possibility of making new fiber from waste material, but the problem was the size of our company: it was not financially possible for us to further process the fiber into yarn and new material again. That's why we currently deliver the smallest shred, which can no longer be used in sewing, to be burned as energy. We are still investigating the possibility of using the fiber as a new material in the future or using the surplus fabric in other ways.


Our clothes are intended for everyday use and therefore they must withstand use and washing. We are very particular about the quality of our fabrics and react to changes quickly. We ensure the durability of the clothes by choosing the materials carefully and instructing the wearer to properly care for their clothes. We also want to help our customers choose the right product for them. Washing instructions for the garment are always printed on the garment and are also delivered with the order in the order confirmation. The return percentage of our clothes has always been less than 5% and our goal is to keep this in the future.

We strive to produce timeless patterns and clothing models. We also test new clothing models and the proven models stay in our selection for a long time. This makes it easier for the customer to choose the size that suits them from a familiar model.

We have also tested our materials with official durability tests. You can read more about these in our latest sustainability report (link at the beginning of this page).

In 2022, we developed a buyback service for our clothes and released it in January 2023. During 2023, the service will also move to the online store.


UN Sustainable development goals

We are also committed to supporting the UN's sustainable development goals. The UN's sustainable development goals are included in the UN's sustainable development goal program, Agenda 2030. We believe that the actions of even a small company are important in the common journey towards a more sustainable world, where the environment, economy and people are taken into account equally.

We have chosen four of the 17 sustainable development goals that we particularly want to promote with our activities.

Read more on our blog: Dream Circus and the UN Sustainable Development Goals .

We value our customers

We listen carefully to our customers' wishes and views. We carry out an annual customer satisfaction survey, to which we have always received hundreds of responses. Our customers especially appreciate the fact that we manufacture our clothes from start to finish in Finland. The responsibility of the fabrics and the use of organic cotton are also important to our customers, as well as the fact that you can trust the quality and durability of our clothes.

Fast delivery

Your order will be sent from us within 1-2 business days of placing the order.

Shipping costs

Delivery from €4.90 as a package to Finland. Over €150 we deliver for free to Finland. See terms for international shipping.

Payment methods

We use a reliable Finnish service to transfer payments.


All our garments are designed in Finland. Production takes place both in Finland and at a Finnish-owned factory in Portugal.