Curated more sustainable products from us as well -


We are pleased to announce that our dresses and tunics have been curated and made it to the new website. is a website that brings together a selection of responsible products and services as well as tips for more sustainable lifestyles. All products and services on the site have been approved by an independent responsibility panel, which includes top-class experts. Thanks to curation, you can be confident that your choices matter.

So if you buy today – or any day – buy responsibly! Today's world doesn't want to run without buying anymore, and of course our company only works if someone buys something from us. In clothes, however, in addition to the materials, the volume of production is also important. For example, we don't have clothing warehouses of thousands of pieces, but the production batches are kept reasonable even though the business is growing steadily all the time.

Get to know the website from this link!