Membership benefits

Membership benefits

Membership benefits

Here you can find various communities and benefit services through which you can get membership benefits in our online store. If you represent such a community or an entity that would like to cooperate with us for member benefits, please contact our CEO Petra at

Member+ As a Member+ benefit, we offer a 15% discount on all normally priced products in our online store. The Member+ benefit of Akavalites can be found on their own website here .

Marthas Everyone can be the Martha of their own life! Join Marttai and take advantage of a 15% discount code for the normally priced products of our online store. More information on Martto's website here .

Suomen Koirankasvattajat - Sukoka ry Sukoka ry members get 15% off our normally priced products with a code that can be found in Kasvattaja magazine and on Sukoka's member benefits page .

Textile teachers association TOL ry We offer all members of TOL ry a 15% discount on our normally priced products. You can find the advantage code by logging into your member page on TOL ry's website here .

Dream Circus

Your order will be sent from us within 1-2 business days of placing the order.


Delivery from €5.90 as a package to Finland. Over €150 we deliver for free.

Payment methods

We use a reliable Finnish service to transfer payments.


All ehta by Dream Circus clothes are always designed, cut, sewn and finished in Finland.