Figure hunting competition 31.10.-6.11.2022

Welcome to spend the traditional Halloween week with us again from 31 October to 6 November 2022!

Note! The competition has ended. The correct answer was: KEPPONEN and the winner was Lea H. Thank you to everyone who participated and good luck to the winner! The characters were found in these products:

Halloween week

During the week of Halloween, we traditionally offer completely dark hours, when products from a certain product group are on offer for only one hour at a completely dark price. In addition to that, the week also includes continuations, during which you still have time to make discoveries at the discount prices of continuations. This year there's also a new contest: a character scavenger hunt, which runs throughout Halloween week. In this post you will find more detailed instructions to participate in the competition.

Our circus gang includes many kinds of animals, and this year they decided to have a masquerade together for Halloween. Anyway, everyone wanted to dress up as a unicorn! This went a little better for some and a little differently for others, some were more excited than others. However, with the smell of masqueraders, the characters got so wild that they ran around our online store and hid among the products! Everyone took one letter with them and now we need your help to find all the missing characters and their letters.

As a reward, a €100 gift card to our online store will be drawn among the helpers.

Instructions and tips

  • Look for the missing characters in our products during our Halloween week (October 31st - November 6th). Only the correct answers received during that time will be accepted into the draw.
  • Each character comes with only 1 letter. Collect all 8 different characters with their letters and form the correct Halloween word (1 word) from those letters.
  • Email the correct word to us no later than Sunday 6.11. during.
  • We will check the answers on Monday 7 November. and a €100 gift card to our online store will be drawn among those who answered correctly. The winner will be contacted personally by email and his first name will be published in this post and on our social media channels.
  • Tip: characters can be hidden in any product. They did not get lost on other pages.
  • You can see the different characters you are looking for in more detail in the picture below.


Characters to look for: mole, lion, cat, hare, panda, zebra, llama and tiger.

You can find our Halloween week offers during the week here!