The Smartass pattern opens a new series of classic products

An entire minimal list with Smartass patterns has arrived in our online store. It opens a new series of our classic products! In the next couple of years, we will release classic products that will remain in our selection. The classics are our customers' favorites and are selected from the patterns that have been asked to return to our selection again and again.

The Smartass pattern was designed by our artistic director Kati. The pattern entered our selection for the first time already in 2017, and in gray it has always been the most popular.

We are steadily adding more classic products to our stock and we strive to keep them available all the time. You can find all Smartass products in our online store here.

The Smartass collection now includes:


Leya jacket and Bertta tunic

Classics of classics - these two models have been in our selection for so long that we couldn't leave them out of our first classic collection.


A casual tee, leggings and a Pipsa shirt

These are nice staples for everyone's wardrobe! The Relaxed T-shirt is, as its name suggests, a loose oversize garment, where the fun Smartass pattern can really stand out. For leggings, these guys with glasses are printed on the second leg. The Pipsa shirt also has a print on the left side of the manhood.


Tricot and elastic sweatshirt as fabric

This has been asked a lot and now you can get it again - Smartass as fabric! In the future, the fabric will be available as evenly as possible. If we sometimes run out of stock, we will order more fabric again, so you can't miss this now!


Kitchen towels

Our kitchen towels are made of high-quality, smooth cotton. Smartass-patterned towels are now available in both black and white. Both have the colorful glasses of some of the characters as a fun detail!

You can find all Smartass products in our online store the fastest here .

In the future, our selection will therefore include both classic products and limited edition products. The difference between these two is that the limited edition products are only available for a limited time, while the classics, on the other hand, receive regular refills.