Introducing autumn 2022 POMENIA new clothes

A year ago we started cooperation with the wonderful Pomenia. We are their official license partner and we get to make clothes and fabrics with Pomenia's wonderful magical patterns.

So welcome the little and the big, the wackiest and the wackiest to adventure to Pomenia, the magical land of dreams! Check out the latest Pomenia products in this post. The collection will be published in our online store on Friday 26 August 2022 at 12:00.

You can find all Pomenia products in our online store here.

Introducing autumn 2022 POMENIA new clothes

POMENIA novelty clothes

Marjukka dress makes a comeback in this Pomenia collection with a wonderful Blossom pattern in the color sunset. This spectacular flower pattern will not leave anyone cold!

Cute hoodie got a nice Fairy Folk of Augury Pines pattern in the new color night lilac. There are several Pomenian characters hidden in this forest, can you find them all?

The Leya jacket has been asked to return to our selection for a long time! We made your wish come true and with this collection Leya also got Pomenia patterns. This time the choice fell on Blossom in the color sunset.

Iita collar is our popular oversize sweatshirt. It excites this time with Fairy Folk of Augury Pines patterns in the color night lilac.

POMENIA novelty clothes

Amalia hooded dress is lovely already in other ways and maybe even more lovely in this new Blossom pattern color lilac! Absolutely delicious.

Berta tunic this time you can choose from two options (or maybe take both!): Blossom in the color lilac or Flowers and Fairies in the color black. Both absolutely delightful patterns, which will be something to explore for a long time.

Check out all Pomenia clothes for adults in our online store here !

If you are more interested in Pomenia patterns as fabric, you can find all options in our online store here