Responsibility theme: Use 365 days a year (product quality and longevity)

Responsibility theme: Use 365 days a year (product quality and longevity)

Our fifth theme of responsibility is related to one of our core ideas: we make clothes for everyday life. That's why we want to make high-quality and durable clothes that can really withstand everyday use. We ensure the durability of the clothes by choosing the materials carefully and by instructing the wearer to properly care for their clothes.

The most responsibly purchased clothing is one that also lasts as long as possible. The wearer of the garment also plays an important role here, as he washes and maintains his clothes correctly. The environmental load produced by clothing is most affected by the lifespan of the clothing, which is why it is important to us that our clothes last year after year.

Responsibility theme

We have strict criteria for the quality of the materials we use. We always test fabrics with washing tests before they enter our production. This is how we make sure that the materials of our clothes are of truly high quality. We also don't sell anything we can't wear ourselves. For example, acrylic is not found in our products due to its poor wear resistance and sensitive pilling. We have also tested our fabrics with official washing and rubbing tests. Read more here. The results of the tests corresponded to our own tests and confirmed the importance of our washing instructions.

Washing instructions are always printed on our clothes. You can find it on the back side of the garment: on the top at the neck and on the bottom at the back. So we don't attach disgusting patches to our products that itch and are often cut off because of it. In this case, the Washing Instructions also disappear. In our clothes, the washing instructions last with you thanks to the print. We have also added naming lines to the children's clothes, where you can write the child's name. The lines can contain the names of several users.


We trust the quality of our clothes so much that we are finally launching a buyback service in our online store in early 2023. This way, for example, you can get the wrong size clothes into circulation and you can also make 2nd hand finds in our online store in the future.

We always listen very carefully to the feedback we receive from our customers regarding the quality of our clothes and fabrics. If necessary, we update our fabric qualities if there are changes in quality and we constantly test new batches.

We want our products to be known for their quality and longevity. We don't constantly produce new designs and collections, but tried and tested models continue to be in our selection year after year, making it easy to buy the right size. This can also be seen in the return percentage of our clothes, which has been below 5% for years and was also this way in 2022 (and 2021). Several large players in the clothing industry report annually up to 50% of returns. We are proud of how few returns we receive from our products.

Read more about the quality of our products in our responsibility report. You can download it here.

We previously published our 2021 sustainability report, which was the first of its kind. As a result, five themes of responsibility were also born, which we focus on especially closely in our work. We have presented these themes one by one in our blog in the order of the value chain.