Size Guide

Size Guide

In our selection, you will primarily find adult sizes ranging from S to XXXL. Some of our garments come in combined sizes, such as S/M and L/XL. Unisex clothing offers a looser fit and is available in sizes S to XXL or S to XXXL, depending on the model. For each product, you can find the measurements of the product in our online store, which you can compare to a garment that fits you well.

Our clothing collection includes both more fitted styles and oversized styles. Fitted garments typically have a more snug fit in the upper part and a looser fit towards the hem. Oversized styles are intentionally larger and are meant to look looser when worn compared to, for example, a form-fitting shirt.

Our selection consists of familiar clothing styles, with patterns and colors being updated from time to time. So, if you've previously purchased a Bertta tunic in size XL, you can continue to choose the same size. In general, you can often select the same size in different clothing styles unless otherwise specified in the product details. When it comes to combined sizes, choosing a size based on the letter often works well - however, please note that these models tend to be more loose fitting. If you don't prefer a very loose fit, for example, an S/M size often works for those who typically wear L and XL sizes. Choose your preferred size based on the desired fit.

Measurement Guide

In the product-specific measurement charts, you will find the most important measurements of the garment, which will help you choose the right size for yourself. Often, the most crucial measurement is the bust circumference, which determines the most suitable size. However, if you have a strongly A-shaped body and the garment is more straight-lined, the determining measurement may also be the hip circumference.

Most commonly, you will find these measurements for the garment:

A. Bust circumference
B. Waist circumference
C. Hip circumference
D. Back length
E. Sleeve inseam or length from neckline to cuff


It is best to compare the measurements with a similar garment that you already have. The materials we use are mainly stretchy jersey and sweat fabrics. Our clothes don't need to be loose in the same way as in garments made from non-stretchy fabric. You can find more specific information about the fit and looseness of each model in the product-specific product details.

You can also measure your own body measurements and compare them to the measurements of the garment. Start by measuring your bust circumference at the highest point of your chest (ensure that the measuring tape is straight from the back as well). Measure your waist circumference at the narrowest point, and your hip circumference at the widest point of your hips. For the length measurement of the garment, it's best to measure from the center of the back.

Have questions about choosing the right size?

We are happy to assist you in selecting the right size. You can contact us via email at and let us know which clothing styles you are interested in. To speed up the process, please also provide your own measurements (bust, waist, and hip circumference).

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