What is Dream Circus?


Meidän sirkuksessamme on jo aika monta mahtavaa tyyppiä! Tutustu meihin täällä tarkemmin.



Mane Master
Managing director

045 1681030

Kati Dream Principal
Artistic director

Laura Dream Master of Ceremonies
Creative leader
Chairman of the Board
Eve Juggling trapeze artist
Director of Marketing
Ida Warehouse noise
Executive Director

Katarina the Colporteur
Sales and customer service
Darat Seamstress
Ulla the seamstress
Heli Quality control
Online store packaging, clothing inspection and finishing
Jussi the Circus Lion
General practitioner, vice chairman of the board

Welcome to the circus of our dreams!

Our company is run by a hare, a panda focuses on artistic management, a cat and a cheetah excel in marketing, a mole is in charge of the warehouse and a parrot holds the reins of customer service. You could make everything a little more boring, but then how would the circus run, and would it be any fun at all?

Dream Circus Oy started from the fulfilled dream of two sisters from Savoia, Kati and Laura. Now we already have 16 women working in domestic clothing production. We speak for dreams, we believe in unicorns, we fight against boredom and we believe in Finnish work. We ourselves often dress in black, but we love all the colors in the world. We want to make you believe in your dreams and pursue them!


ehta by Dream Circus offers responsibly produced Finnish feel-good products. Our selection includes women's and children's clothing, unisex clothing, accessories, organic fabrics from our own production as well as kitchen towels and enamelware. All the company's textile products are designed and manufactured in Finland. Our products
can be purchased from our online store, the Varkaus factory store, and from our dealers in Finland and abroad.

Each of our clothing models has a name and a story behind the name. Joy of life, ethics, locality, domesticity and ecology are things we do not compromise on. That's why stilt jokes are also allowed when we gather every day as a work group for a joint lunch at the Mestarintie hall in Varkaus.

Responsibility is important to us and we have gathered all the important information on one page: read more about our responsibility by clicking here .


"Ehta" is genuine, original, unique and the only one. Our products are all of that.

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Nopea toimitus

Tilauksesi lähtee meiltä 1-2 arkipäivässä tilauksen tekemisestä.


Toimitus alkaen 4,90 € Suomeen. Yli 150 € tilaukset toimitamme ilmaiseksi.


Käytämme maksujen välittämiseen luotettavaa suomalaista palvelua.


Kaikki ehta by Dream Circus -vaatteet suunnitellaan, leikataan, ommellaan ja viimeistellään aina Suomessa.