Do you want to sew with our fabrics?

Do you want to sew with our fabrics?

Corporate customership is available to small entrepreneurs, such as custom tailors, who wish to create and sell their products using our fabrics in bulk purchases. Our patterns can be utilized for producing items for resale, with the exception of Pomenia fabrics, which are licensed. However, it is essential that these creations do not closely resemble our existing products or use our proprietary patterns. We actively monitor sales and encourage larger orders. Please note that accounts may be removed if these conditions are not met.

Please submit your application by using the form accessible through the link below. Once we receive your application, we will verify your Business ID and create accounts for you within our store. Subsequently, you will be eligible to make purchases at entrepreneur prices.

As a business customer, you will enjoy a 25% discount on all regularly priced fabrics and sewing supplies. These discounted prices will be visible after your initial login at the product level. (Please note that the product listings initially display regular prices, but you will see the discounted prices upon opening the product.)

It's important to mention in your application that you are applying because "I want to sew fabric products." Additionally, please provide some information about your business activity in the message field, particularly if your Business ID is registered under an industry other than sewing.

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Nopea toimitus

Tilauksesi lähtee meiltä 1-2 arkipäivässä tilauksen tekemisestä.


Toimitus alkaen 4,90 € Suomeen. Yli 150 € tilaukset toimitamme ilmaiseksi.


Käytämme maksujen välittämiseen luotettavaa suomalaista palvelua.


Kaikki vaatteemme on suunniteltu Suomessa. Valmistus Suomessa ja suomalaisomisteisella tehtaalla Portugalissa.