Instructions for 2nd hand products

Instructions for 2nd hand products

ehta by Dream Circus 2nd hand products

Give an ehta by Dream Circus garment a new chance in someone else's wardrobe! We accept our used adult clothes and you will receive an online store gift card for them according to the condition classification. We sell all 2nd hand clothes either in our factory store or in our online store. In the factory store, the selection varies more often, new items are uploaded to the online store a few times a year. The products must be returned in accordance with the instructions, washed and in good condition. Read more detailed instructions below.

Refund and processing costs

You get a refund for our used clothes as a gift card to our online store (valid for half a year / 180 days). The prices are determined according to the table below. For returns sent with Matkahuolto's shipping code, we will deduct shipping and handling costs from the amount of the refund by €5. We do not deduct the shipping and handling costs for the package you send at your own expense or for the 2nd hand product delivered directly to our store. The processing time for the refund is max. 14 days from receiving the return. If you return several products at once, we will deduct the shipping and handling costs only once and the refund amounts will be added to one gift card. For example, you return a Leya jacket (condition class I) and a Pipsa shirt (condition class II) with our shipping code. The refund amount is a total of €30 + €12 = €42, from which we deduct €5 for delivery and handling costs. Your gift card will be loaded with €37.

Reimbursement amounts:

Product Fitness class I Fitness class II
Coats and long hoodies
(e.g. Leya, Hellut)
€30 €25
Amalia hooded dress (elastic sweatshirt) €30 €25
(e.g. Tuija, Marjukka, knitted Amalias)
€25 €20
Long skirts
(e.g. Onerva)
€25 €20
(e.g. Bertta, Relax tea, Iita collari)
€20 €15
(e.g. Lumo)
€20 €15
Sleeveless dresses
(e.g. Elina)
€17 €12
(e.g. Pipsa, Usva)
€17 €12
Leggars €7 No refunds
If the product you are returning cannot be found in the table above, we will determine the price for it separately on a case-by-case basis.

Fitness classes:

I - Almost like new The garment has been used little or not at all. The garment has no holes or wear. The colors are bright and any zippers, straps, etc. are intact. The garment is clean and free of hair or animal hair. The garment does not smell and no strongly scented detergents have been used in its washing.

II - Used The garment has been used and may have some signs of use, such as a small patched hole, a little wear or fading. This category also includes clothes originally sold as 2nd quality. Zippers, straps and other parts that affect use are intact. The garment is clean and free of hair or animal hair. The garment does not smell and no strongly scented detergents have been used in its washing.

III - Rejected We cannot refund a product that is broken (for example, a big hole or zippers do not work) or heavily worn (for example, the colors have faded from the original very significantly). We also do not refund clothes that are hairy or smelly or have been washed with strongly scented detergents. We also do not resell rejected products.

Instructions for returning products

Before returning, make sure that the clothes you are returning have been washed and cleaned of loose hair and animal hair, for example. Do not wash the garment with strongly scented detergents, we do not refund products with a strong scent.

Returns at the factory store:
Bring the products to us at our factory store according to its opening hours. We ask you for an email address for the gift card. Processing time is max. 14 days from receiving the products. You can always get a gift card credit in our online store, where you can later pick up your purchases from the same store.

Return with Matkahuolto Lählä package:
Make sure that the products you return are clean, hair-free and smell as little as possible according to our instructions. We do not refund a dirty product. Pack the products tightly and neatly in a box or bag. Attach a message in which you write the following information: 2nd hand return as the title, your name and email address, the products you are returning and your assessment of the condition, as well as clear errors in the product. You can also print the form here and fill it in the package accordingly.

Take the package to the Matkahuolto point and tell us our return code: 9520205 with which you can get a free return to us (NOTE! the code can only be used to send 2nd hand products to us unless otherwise agreed). Remember to ask for a receipt and tracking number when returning. We cannot refund lost shipments without a tracking number.

After receiving the package, we will check the products and contact you within 14 days of the refund. The refund is paid as an online store gift card, which is delivered to your email.

If you are not sure about the condition classification of your product, contact us via email at and together we can verify whether the product is suitable to be returned as a 2nd hand product.

We always check the products after shipping. You can buy 2nd hand clothes in our factory store. In the future, we will update products 2-3 times a year also for purchase in our online store.

Dream Circus

Your order will be sent from us within 1-2 business days of placing the order.


Delivery from €5.90 as a package to Finland. Over €150 we deliver for free.

Payment methods

We use a reliable Finnish service to transfer payments.


All ehta by Dream Circus clothes are always designed, cut, sewn and finished in Finland.